A Well-Established Grapevine Crafts Supplier for Local Businesses

Founded in 1990, RRV is a business-to-business type of company focused on delivering wholesale grapevine products to the craft industry. We are based in Texarkana, Texas, but we can cater our services to anyone throughout the entire nation. Whether you own a small or large business, we can deliver high-quality grapevine items for you to sell.

As a grapevine crafts supplier, we value and promote art and creativity. We’d love to see people design their residence or party venues with our handmade grapevine wreaths, garlands, arches, and swags. By making these available to the market, more can have natural and sustainable products for decorative purposes.

Having been in the craft-making industry for more than 31 years, we assure you all our products are properly made. Our local and independent artisans, who are skilled and trained, are responsible for creating the lovely ornaments. Once these bundles are ready, we distribute them to our partners and clients involved in arts and crafts. Today, we continuously dedicate ourselves to supplying grapevine crafts that add beauty to homes and events.